Factory Unlock iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5S On Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile.

Millions of iPhone 5 owners, whose devices are locked to mobile carriers, dream about getting permanent factory unlock. There is the most reliable iPhone 5 IMEI unlock service on AT&T that will unlock iPhone 4,4s,5,5c and the iPhone 5s provided by http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com .This service is legit, official, fast and permanent; it is good for all iPhone models, iOS versions and base bands.



If you have iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4 locked on Verizon, Tmobile and ATT , you need not to worry . The team here has Factory Unlock service for any iPhone models permanent on any carrier in all world. Our Unlock service is work directly from Apple database service, and when be unlocked your Verizon, ATT, Sprint or TMOBILE iPhone and guaranteed that it will never will be locked again. You don’t need to send your iphone to anyone. ALl you will need is to find your IMEI code on your iPhone and send to us. This service sends your IMEI directly on Apple database and your iPhone will be unlocked legally and fast.


Now is needed only to find your IMEI code. This is very easy to make you, only go on Settings -> General -> about and your IMEI code is here.


This is 15 digit numbers on your iPhone 5, 4s, 4, 5s. When give your code go here on legit unlock codes can be found here http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com and will be available to unlock your iphone no matter what the network.




If our team cannot unlock your phone, we will offer you a refund immediately.


iPhone models that are supported and can be unlocked are:


iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5

iPhone 4s

iPhone 4

Supported iOS firmware for unlock


iOS 7 (all IOS 7 versions).

iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3

iOS 5.1.1 and below

Benefits to unlock your iPhone officially


Your iPhone will be Factory Unlocked.

24 hours unlock delivery time-frame

Works with ANY baseband, firmware and device.

Your Apple warranty remains still valid

You can switch carriers without paying expensive roaming fees.

Increase resale value

The unlock is applied via iTunes (No risk for damage).

100% Money back guarantee (read our refund policy).

Steps to Unlock Your iPhone :

Step 1: Go to the Official http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com

Step 2: Find and Send your iPhone’s IMEI code.

Step 3: Wait for Unlock Confirmation e-mail.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone to your Windows or Mac PC.

Step 5: Start iTunes and you will got message that your iPhone is Unlocked

Factory Unlock iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and iphone 5s. ATT working.

http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com/ provides an Official, Permanent, Apple unlock that removes any network restrictions of the iPhone may have by marking the iPhone as unlocked in Apple’s IMEI database.Right now few providers have access to ATT unlocks and we are here to be there for your iphone 4, 5, 5c, 5s to complete unlock your iphone and let you start using the phone to the best of your ability.  It allows users to use the iPhone on any network worldwide. This unlock is provided for all iPhone models running all firmware versions, and there is no need to jailbreak.

Because this unlock is official and is no need to jailbreak, it means users can safely update the iOS on the iPhone at any time, and sync the iPhone with the computer without fear of Apple removing the unlock.

It is particularly useful having an unlocked handset when going travelling abroad: just pop a local sim in and pick up emails without incurring an extortionate bill, as roaming rates are around $3.00 per MB if users keep the original sim in whilist travelling! This means every email is costing around $1.00 to receive…. with a local sim, data will be free.

http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com/ can factory unlock any iPhone, from the first generation, like iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4,4S,5, 5c and iphone 5s. The unique unlock supports ALL bootloaders, basebands, and firmwares as the team do not unlock using software, http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com/ factory unlock using Apple’s IMEI database.

The customers don’t need to send their device to   http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com/ , they will do it all from their comfort of their home. The whole service is remote, once the IMEI is marked as unlocked by ourselves simply connect the iPhone to iTunes for unlocking.

The unlocks are official and done through iTunes, this is the ONLY way to sim unlock an iPhone. Customers will send the IMEI, what network the iPhone is locked to, and what iPhone model have from the membars area.

Having made payment, the team then mark the IMEI as unlocked within Apple’s IMEI database – once this is done will send the customer an email confirming this. User then simply connect The iPhone to iTunes in order to complete the unlock. No stress, no hassle, no drama. The unlock is guaranteed and is also permanent, meaning users can safely update the iPhone and sync with iTunes without ever worrying about it re-locking.

We are here to unlock your phones on all networks.

ATT factory unlock iphone 4, 4c , 4s , 5, 5c and iphone 5s guaranteed.


The iPhone unlock operation at http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com/ is very simple, and after experiencing it, the unit could be upgraded to any iOS firmware or baseband with no worries. There won’t be any need to worry around the device getting relocked, since this just isn’t a single-time software based solution that contains the device locked again. Read our advanced iPhone unlock guide in order to unlock your iPhone by iTunes IMEI Unlock method.

What Phones do we support.

iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5
iPhone 4s
iPhone 4

What are the basebands that we support

iOS 7 (all IOS 7 versions).

iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3

iOS 5.1.1 and below

Why you should unlock Benefits to Unlock your iPhone Officially


Your iPhone will be Factory Unlocked.

24 hours unlock delivery timeframe

Works with ANY baseband, firmware and device (locked to Orange UK).

Your Apple warranty remains still valid

You can swich carriers without paying expensive roaming fees.

Increase resalle value

The unlock is applied via iTunes (No risk for damage).

100% Money back guarantee (read our refund policy).


Steps to Unlock iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and iphone 5s


Step 1: Go to the http://www.guaranteedunlockcodes.com/.

Step 2: Find and Send your iPhone’s IMEI code on the paypal checkout page.

Step 3: Wait for Unlock Confirmation e-mail.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone to your Windows or Mac PC.

Step 5: Start iTunes and you will got message that your iPhone is Unlocked.

Now your iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S or 4 is officially factory unlocked. You can enjoy this benefit and use it on any gsm network in the world. After this process you can easily update your UNLOCKED device to the latest iOS 7 firmware without worring to be locked again because your iPhone now is SIM-FREE and Unlocked Permanently.


How iPhone 5 Accessories Make Your Phone Look Good and Functional

There are ways for you to enhance and make the look and function of your iPhone 5 better. One way to do so is by purchasing iPhone 5 accessories.

As you can notice the moment that people get their iPhone 5 they will make sure that they will have accessories for this.  It may either be cases, screen protectors, car chargers and alike.

When you try to check the market and ask about the accessories they can offer you a wide array of collections.  This will range from the following:

  • Cell phone cases – this will provide protection to your phone and save your phone from any dust.
  • Bluetooth headsets – this will allow you to receive any call that is made by your phone with just a click.  You can do these things without even your phone on your hands.
  • Pouches – it will serve as a wallet for your phone.
  • Car chargers – this will always keep you on the go.
  • Wall charges – these wall chargers can be used in order to directly charge your phone straight from the electricity.
  • Headsets – this can help make calls faster at the same time you can use this to listen some musics.
  • Screen protectors – this can guard your screen from any scratches and finger prints.  Since your phone is multi touch this type of accessory is a must.

It is important when you are purchasing your accessories you need to have requirements.  You need to ask yourself what you really want to happen.  This may either be for protection or for convenience or alike.

Since the accessories of iPhone are not for everybody. This means that it depends upon what you really need or the functionalities that you are going to use.

Once you were able to figure out what you need then it would be easy for you to choose.  There are different shops that offer different kinds of accessories; the prices do varies depending on the quality of the item that they are selling.

An option that you can do is surf online for these items.  There are a lot of websites offer different kinds of accessories for your iPhone 5 all you to do is be keen in looking for one as this may cause damage to your phone.  Be sure to accessories that are being manufactured by reputable companies, you will be assured of the quality of the item.

These accessories can be a great investment for you in order to prevent you phone from depreciating.  Another thing is before you start cleaning your iPhone, be sure you were able to read you manual for a guide.  In this way you will be able to know what are the dos and don’ts.  You will be able to read the different precautions that you have to take before you start cleaning.

Always keep in mind to never apply chemicals or cleaners to your iPhone, not even plain soap.  What you can do is use a clean cloth that was soaked on water the wipe it on your phone and its accessories to clean it.

What Are the Different iPhone 5 Accessories?

Through the years we know that the Apple Company has enhanced their products by releasing different and advanced version of phones and gadgets.  For phone and gadget owners to protect it from depreciating it is important that you have some accessories to protect it.

There are a lot of companies in the market today that offers different kinds of accessories for the iPhone.  Such as chargers, casings, screen protectors and adapters.

One of the most important accessories that an owner can have are cases and screen protectors.  This will prevent your screen from any scratches.  This is the common thing that we need to watch out since it is a touch screen gadget.

This is the common thing that people get upon getting their iPhone 5 or during the first months.  Then when it comes to iPhone cases, one of the most reliable companies is the Otterbox Defender.  They have proven their worth.  Aside from that there are other companies that sell as well different kinds of iPhone 5 cases.

The manufacturers of these different kinds of Iphone cases do wait for the first unit to come out in order for them to customize it and for it to suit the phone.

When it comes to battery life, this is one of the concerns of users.  In order for your battery to stay longer there is this we call the Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case.  This can help double your time for text, surf and call.  What it does is it is simultaneously charges the phone and the extra battery pack.  This comes in 3 different colors such as Metallic Red, Glossy White and Rubberized Black.

The new generation that apple released comes in a smaller dock.  This may either be for iPhone5, 5th generation of iPod Touch or the 7th generation of iPod Nano.  So there are new accessories for this out in the market.

If you are always an on the go person there are also USB Car Charger Adpaters so you can just store it inside your car.  So you will not worry if your phone dies in the middle of the road and you need to make an important call.

These accessories do not only make your phone stylish but it does also help your phone from depreciating.  This is considered to be a good investment, so better have this or settle the consequences in the end.  You will never know what will happen to your phone during the day so better protect it.  Have some iPhone cases and be sure not to forget the screen protector to prevent your screen from any scratches.

Due to the market competition for these accessories it is important for you to be keen in order for you to get the good quality of accessories.  Be sure that it is durable and does provide a high quality of protection to your phone.  Take time to compare and see that it is a reliable company and keep in mind to never settle for the low price, go for the quality.

accessoriesiphone5.com releases new iphone cases

If you try to check the market you will be able to see a lot of iPhone 5 cases.  These are made to protect your phone from any scratches and dents.  Aside from that it can give your phone a different look.

These iPhone cases are comes in different materials such as leather, fabric, hard plastics and rubber.  Since the new iPhone is made slim and trim, the new cases that we have today are made to make it classier, and present your personality.

Most of the cases today are made ultra slim in order to make the phone less bulky.  You will be able to see in the market this is made from clear polycarbonate at the back and has rubber edges in order to protect it.  This see through cases and the rubber edges comes in 8 different colors which are white, teal, orange, grey, blue, black, yellow and pink.

Aside from that there are also cases that are made from flexible semi-soft TPU.  This is designed to prevent the phone from slipping on your hands; it will provide great protection on your phone.  This is also slim with less than 1mm thick of translucent skin.  This type of casing does also come in different colors.

Diamond Bling Case

  • These are Specifically Designed for Apple iPhone 5 with a very Deluxe Diamond Protective Snap-On Case.
  • Made with Shatter Proof Plastic
  • Prevents scratches and damages to your phone
  • Specifically-cut for access to all buttons and ports
  • Light Weight, Durable, and Solid
  • Super Easy To Install

Extreme Impact Protector Case

  • Our Impact protector cases are made of 3 layers that consist of a soft rubberized coating tightly grips to your phone while absorbing shocks and bumps.
  • Exterior layer is a hardened shell with a sleek, smooth finish.
  • We also make sure that our design reinforces vulnerable corners and adds additional side grips for better control of your phone.
  • Your iphone 5 will be able to Prevent scratches and damages to your phone. Our cases are Specifically-cut for access to all buttons and ports.
  • Phone is Fully functional in case. Light Weight, Durable, Soft and Very Easy To Install.


Belt Clip 2 in 1 case

  •  Style & High quality snap on case for Apple New iPhone 5
  • Protect your Apple iPhone 5 from dust, scratches and any physical damage
  • 180 Degree Turning Swivel for Clip
  • Rubberized coated for grip and durability
  • Belt clip locks in securely and Belt clip features soft micro fiber interior
  • Holster & Shell Case 2in1


  • Durable Synthetic Leather Iphone 5 cases with smooth microfiber interior to protects the device.
  • Excellent protection against dust, scratches and any other physical damages.
  • This case will give you an Ultra slim and easy grip gives you comfortable feeling.

iphone 5 CreditCard Case

  • Holds up to 2 credit/debit/id cards or money
  • Made of superior quality plastic materials
  • Premium designed case is perfectly manufactured to fit and complement the mold of your Apple iPhone 5
  • Prevents scratches and damages to your phone
  • Specifically-cut for access to all buttons and ports
  • Your iPhone is Fully functional in case


If you want to make a little disguise on your phone you can have a pocket book style case.  It is made from high quality of hand stitched leather that provides a luxurious design.  In the inside it is made from a milled Baltic birch wood tray that is 9.4 mm thick.  It does have 4 pockets inside where you can put your credit cards, IDs and a larger pocket for your money.  This comes in two different colors; Black and Brown with 4 different interior cloth colors such as Deep Sea Blue, Forest Green, Mahogany Red and French Roast.

These cases are made not only for protection for your phone but as well as different designs.

iPhone’s Newest, Slimmest Model Ever

Today, something that many people look for in technology is how ‘slim’ a gadget is. This is why more and more companies these days are jumping into the bandwagon of manufacturing slim items. Perhaps you’ve noticed that more companies are coming up with televisions that are streamlined and slim; and could fit well in any house. Perhaps you’ve also noticed that more and more laptops and computer screens today are getting slimmer as well.

There’s just something about slim gadgets that people like. For one, it saves a lot of space and it is also easier to handle. Perhaps this is the reason why the iPhone has also taken this step.

The latest iPhone 5 is finally out and Apple has made improvements to their new model. One of these is that they have finally made the slimmest iPhone ever. This is a great improvement for all those iPhone enthusiasts who have gotten so used to the old model of bulk and size.

The thing about this new size of the iPhone is that it is a good space saver. For women who like to carry their phones in bags, a slimmer phone means that they will be able to make room for other things. Perhaps more room for makeup, or other things that women simply have to put in their bags even if they don’t use it.

For the males, a slimmer phone means it is also easier to carry around. Most men carry their phones in their pockets. The slimmer version of this new iPhone is also a lot lighter than the past models. The width of the iPhone is only 7.6 millimeters; but don’t be fooled by how thin this is. The new model is actually packed with power and features.

For one, the sim card is nano sized instead of the usual micro size. Chips for the voice and data used to be two in the past model but in the iPhone 5, these are only in a single chip. This means more space saved. The new A6 chip which is more powerful and faster than the A5 chip; but it is 22% smaller.

Another thing that has made this new model slimmer is that Apple has improved the sensor. In the past models, there were different layers for the touch sensor and the display screen. In the latest model, the makers have integrated these two layers into one layer which is why the new iPhone’s display is 30% slimmer than before.

The result of all these innovations on the new iPhone is that it is now smaller by 22% and thinner by 18% as well. This is one of the reasons why this latest model of the iPhone is worth buying. If you want a phone that will be easier to handle, something that will fit well in your hands, but at the same time have more or less the same features as before; then this new phone is definitely worth it. If you are a fan of the iPhone, then this slimmer, latest version is the phone for you.

Better Camera Features for the New iPhone 5

Today, phones are definitely more than what a phone is supposed to be. A few years earlier, cellphones where merely a gadget that would be for calls and texts; but today, there are more things that can be done on modern phones.

The cellphones of today are equipped with a lot of features that cater to different needs. For one, cameras are being used widely in many of today’s phones. There are also more improvements to the cameras of different phone models. There are even phones with high resolution cameras that are able to take beautiful pictures. The best thing about cameras in phones is that there are also editing capabilities right in the phone.

With the new iPhone 5, they have retained the resolution that they made for the 4S, and that is the 8MP camera. This used to be only for real cameras before when digital cameras first came out and they came mostly with 5MP. Of course, the distinct difference between a digital camera and a phone is that there are options to edit pictures in the camera through the use of applications that can be downloaded or installed.

Of course, since the iPhone 5 is also internet-ready, then these pictures that are taken with the camera could immediately be uploaded in any of the popular social media websites.

One of the improvements made with the iPhone’s camera is that it is now capable of taking panoramic photos. Before, you needed to download applications from the iTunes store in order to take panoramic photos from the older iPhone models. In the latest model, you’ll be able to take good panoramic photos of scenery and even family gatherings. With great resolution, you can expect to take beautiful panoramic pictures on your phone.

Another thing about the camera is that you will be able to take remarkable HD photos both from the front camera and even the back. The photos could even look as if they weren’t taken by a phone. Perhaps you’ve seen these samples from the old 4S models. The quality of photos on that model was very good. In the latest model, they have retained this resolution; and then some.

An improvement that has been made to the photos is that users can now take better photos even in low lighting conditions. This has been something that many users clamoured for before.

Even with the better features of the new camera of the iPhone 5, the design has been made significantly slimmer than before. Therefore, if you want to take pictures, then you can easily take the new iPhone with one hand, especially since it is slimmer and lighter as well. With one swift motion, it will be easy for you take that beautiful photo.

In this day and age, having a camera is something that many people would love. This is why camera phones are getting more and more popular. If you want to take beautiful photos and have a beautiful, handy phone as well, then the new iPhone 5 should be the best phone for you.


Accessories iphone 5 Press Release

NEWYORK, NY , September 27, 2012 —


AccessoriesiPhone5.com will serve eager customers who are ready to capitalize on the long awaited iPhone 5. Let’s face it, Apple engineers have accomplished the unreal; they have not only re-designed the new iPhone to an unbelievable size, but have also included the retina display complete with touch technology!
From precision matched inlays, to the sapphire crystal lenses, and of course a beautifully finished diamond cut beleveled edge, the iPhone has an amazingly beautiful unmatched sheen. Even with an amazing attention to detail to how the iPhone performs and looks, the real world usage is a completely different tale. The iPhone goes through an unimaginable daily grind of drops, cracked glass, dents, and scratches from being the most used utility in our day to day lives.
With the iPhone 5′s base price of $199, it also guarantees that there will be a lot of upgrades from the current iPhone 4s to the new iPhone 5 when it launches in the coming weeks. We at accessoriesiPhone5.com understand the need to stretch the family budget far during this tough recession.
“Our purpose is to bring the best collection of iPhone 5 cases, covers and accessories all at an affordable price to our loyal customers” says Nicholas Kamau.
Out with the old and in with some new… there are critical changes to the newer version. The iPhone 5 will need a new adapter to connect to old gadgets. “We will do whatever it takes to make sure that our customers get all their iPhone 5 cases, covers and accessories at an affordable price from one source.”

With the release of the new iPhone 5 already here, we are adding cases and covers on a daily basis as we wait for the groundbreaking release of the latest iPhone.

accessoriesiphone5.com will continously feature some of the best cases that we can find from pocket friendly prices to some of the most high quality and expensive cases that we can find.

Nicholas Kamau


3 Reasons Why You Should Get an iPhone 5

With the new iPhone 5 just recently released to the world, you can look forward to many features that will make this phone something that you should have. Even in the older models, the iPhone has been a popular choice for many smart phone users.

Today, there is much competition among smart phones in the market. It’s probably due to the fact even though the phones are different; they all carry the same features. They all claim to be fast, they all claim to the have the best applications; they all claim to have the best applications. However, the iPhone has always been a forerunner among all the other phones for the many years that it has been out.

Now, Apple has finally released its latest model, the iPhone 5. If you are a fan of the iPhone, or you are somebody who has wanted to get one and have been waiting for the latest to come out, then there is much about this model that you will love. Even if you don’t plan on getting an iPhone, you’ll either run with the crowd or get one as well. Perhaps you’ll just notice that all your friends have one and then you suddenly find yourself getting curious about it and then next thing you know, you also happen to have one.

This is type of marketing that Apple does for their phones. They should rely a lot on the customer response that they get every time something new from the company comes out. Here are three reasons why it would be worth your time and money to get your hands onto that new iPhone model.

1. Slimmer Design

These days, a slimmer phone with smart features is something that everybody wants. The latest model of the iPhone is finally slimmer than before. The width of the phone is now 7.6 mm. This phone would be 18% thinner than the old 4S. Many of those who have already gotten their hands on the phone have attested to this new feature. Being that the phone is slimmer, Apple has also made it 22% lighter. Reviews of the phone have said that compared to the 4S, this new iPhone feels very lightweight.

Update – the new iphone 5 according to our friends over at iphone 5 accessories planet have become a very slim offering.


 2. Better Camera

One thing that many people have wanted in the camera these days is the ability to take panoramic photos. Before, this was only achieved through installing applications from the iTunes store. However, the latest phone is already able to take panoramic photos. Of course, it still retains the 8MP resolution, which is still really great coming from an iPhone.

 3. Faster Speed

The speed of the new iPhone is attributed to the faster processor chip that they put in the new phone. The new A6 chip is faster and more powerful than the A5. All the while, the power usage is also lessened which means that users will have longer battery life, despite the fact that they can do more on their new iPhones as compared to before.

This new iPhone 5 is considered a must-have for some. You still decide in the end; if you really want this new phone or you don’t. Still, you can expect to get carried away with the crowd of iPhone users sometime.

Post written by nick from accessoriesiphone5.com